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1965 Mustang Fastback

Ford added the 1965 Mustang fastback to its lineup, but the coupe continued to be the best seller of the group. Surprisingly, he coupe outsold the convertible and fastback individually five to one, accounting for nearly 75 percent of total sales.  I personally find this hard to believe, but the facts don't lie.

Below are some 1965 Mustang Fastbacks that were emailed to us.

1965 Mustang Fastback - picture 1 Inside the 1965 fastback appears to be all original and looks great. The car retains its original blue interior which shows no wear. The steering wheel has no cracking and the carpet shows no major wear. The dash has some very minor buckling showing around the windshield and some very minor cracking around the speaker grill but looks good overall. Everything works on this car including the original AM radio, all lights, blinkers and the horn. The car is equipped with a full length center console, power steering, power brakes and fold down rear seat.
1965 Mustang Fastback - picture 2 1965 Mustang fastback originally a 6 cyl, manual trans, presently no engine or transmission. All replaced - panels, rear frame rails, shock tower repair panel, floor pans, rear outer wheelhouses, and right fender apron.
1965 Mustang Fastback - picture 3 1965 Mustang Fastback 2+2, which are becoming harder and harder to find. This car is equipped with an 8 cyl. (289) engine with a C4 automatic transmission. The car was originally a 6 cyl which was later converted to an 8cyl with power steering.

Engine compartment is detailed and well taken care of
INTERIOR is practically brand new, with no signs of wear or tear.
Floor on driver's side is brand new,
Passenger side floor is not bad but could use a little patch here and there (no need for total replacement on that side),
Front rails are in very good shape with no rust, rear rail section does have some rust and should be replaced. I do have the rear rail section and will include them with the car.
Torque boxes need some attention (no big deal)
Car does start but is not in driving condition, yet. It needs some brake work.
Rear Outer Rocker panel needs to be replaced. This is the only section not full.
1965 Mustang Fastback - picture 4 This is a 1965 Mustang 2+2 fastback that is above average condition. This car among others I just purchased so I don't know a whole lot about it. I know it seems to run well and the transmission shifts very good. the engine looks to be detailed out very nice. This car has new fenders and valance panel up front, I was told they were ford tooling fenders ?? they do fit very nice with the body lines (better than repos I have seen). The car has been off the road for awhile as it still has the old Super 70 tires that were back in the 70 and early 80's. These are on the magnum 500 type wheels. the car had headers but I put the original manifolds and connected the exhaust back to the original. it does have duals and smooth sound mufflers (not loud).



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